The two most dominant mobile operating systems today are Android and iOS. Google introduced the Android device in September 2008, and today we now have the latest release, the 9.0 “Pie,” which is very much advanced than the earlier versions. The Android operating system runs on only Android mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ device has the system version Android Oreo (8.0).

The iOS software is a product of Apple Inc and only works on Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iPod). The company developed the first iOS software in July 2007, and now has a current update of iOS 12.0, which was released in September 2018. The iPhone 9 and iPhone X plus are Apple’s current devices with its latest update

Sometimes it can be immensely challenging to decide which phone to buy, primarily because of the exciting features, that both Android and Apple phones offer. If you are considering getting a new mobile phone to try out a Unibet Betting Product, below are some of the differences between the two operating devices, that will help you decide on which one to get.


This is one advantage that Android has over iOS. The Android operating system can be used on other devices, aside from Google’s mobile devices. You will find other company brands such as Sony, Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. running on Android software, but with the iOS, it is restricted to only Apple devices.


Another feature that makes Android better than Apple’s devices is that they made their software available for both low, and medium priced, gadgets. If you just don’t have the money to buy the high-end Android phones, you can still enjoy most of the updates and features of the operating system. On the other hand, Apple’s devices are usually very expensive, and low-income earners can’t afford them.


Android and Apple have very similar notification settings. One of the features that separate them is the display, which is Android’s biggest winner. One can quickly change the screen on Android phones, by applying beautiful wallpapers and themes. Both operating systems are very good at multi-tasking and come with other features like battery saver, backups and mobile payments.


When it comes to apps downloads, the Android devices are open to various applications. The Google store has over two million applications that Android users can download from, and they can also download APK files from the internet. iOS devices are restricted only to applications from Apple, and they cannot receive applications from other devices or the internet. iOS has better game applications than Android, and their apps are very unique such as the iCloud, Apple Mail, etc. which are not available on Android devices.


iOS offers better privacy settings to users, unlike Android, that can access people’s data. Android gets permission to access your information but won’t provide details on why the information is needed. It is easier for hackers to access your security information on Android than on iOS.


The Android and iOS mobile devices both support full HD displays, 4K videos and with high picture quality using pixel sensors that are up to 12MP. Android and iOS support fast internet services including the 4G and 4G LTE service.

The two operating systems are similar in many ways, but each of them has their own unique features. You can choose modern online products, with the operating system you need.